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Exploring South Africa

If you are an international traveler and considering visiting South Africa for the first time, perhaps you are asking yourself, "I wonder what it's really like in South Africa?"

If you're looking for a vanilla-flavoured  vacation, you've come to the wrong place. South Africa is a rainbow nation of cultural diversity and landscape. Although there are plenty of  sunny beaches along the coastline of South Africa, right the way from Cape Town to Kosi Bay where you can sit under a palm tree sipping margaritas all day - resist the temptation. Save the sundowners for after a good day of exploring the cities and countryside.

The major tourist attractions in Cape Town are a good place to start your vacation. A trip up the cable car to the top of Table Mountain would be a pretty good way to get a good overview of the area. While your up there, have a look out past Table Bay into the Atlantic Ocean. That's where you'll see Robben Island - the former home of  Nelson Mandela and many other famous South African "comrades". As is often the case, just like the cable car up Table Mountain, getting there is half the fun. Getting to Robben Island, as you may have guessed, requires a boat trip across Table Bay. Keep your eyes open for dolphins, seal and whales - and make sure you hold on to your hat. Besides, the museum,  there's other things to do there too. Of course Robben Island is no longer a penal colony - its now a flourishing penguin colony. The African penguin has been re-introduced to the island and provide comic relief to an otherwise sombre occasion. Once back from Robben Island, you may want to quaff a beer or two in one of the many fine restaurants in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and ask the waiter if he knows if there's anything else to do in town. Chances are he might have an idea or two.

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