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Boksburg also started life as apiece of "uitval grond", which had been sold as a farm called Vogelfontein. Gold had been discovered there and on the adjoining farm called Leeupoort, and they had been proclaimed as public diggings in 1887. Almost immediately 547 plots for building on were sold. Not long afterwards coal was discovered, and so began the growth of the town. It officially became a municipality in 1903.

The town developed slowly over the years 1920 to 1945, but growth came at a much greater pace in the post-Second World War years when electricity opened up the industrial areas. The large influx of job seekers from the rural areas put great pressure on the housing situation, especially in the area of Stirtonville, where the majority of black, coloured and Asian people lived.

In the early 1960's, due to the government's policy of separate development, apiece of land south west of the town centre was bought and Vosloorus was established. The communities, who had lived side by side, were now separated. Whilst the Asian community was sent to live near Benoni, the black population was removed to Vosloorus and the coloured people were left to stay in Stirtonville, which was then renamed Reiger Park.

The decision by the municipal leaders in the mid 1940's to encourage the growth of industry and new residential areas, caused Boksburg to become one of the most rapidly expanding centres in the region. The increase of road links to and from Boksburg and other towns, the freeway link to the airport, along with large shopping facilities on its boundaries, have all contributed to the amazing growth of this town.