Holiday Accommodation in Caledon

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Athenian Villa Guest House CaledonBed & Breakfast
Caledon Casino, Hotel & Spa CaledonHotel / Lodge
Die Ponthuis CaledonGuest House
Houw Hoek Inn      CaledonHotel / Lodge
Parkland Hotel CaledonHotel / Lodge
Strelitzia Cottage CaledonBed & Breakfast
The Caledon Hotel, Spa, Casino CaledonBed & Breakfast
The Hunting Lodge CaledonHotel / Lodge
Voorhoede Farm CaledonSelf-catering

Caledon is famous for its wild flowers, hot mineral springs and agri/eco tourism products, while nearby Bot River offers wine farms and accommodation.

Tourism Bureau
22 Plein Street, Caledon
P.O. Box 258, Caledon, 7230
Tel +27 (0)28 - 2121511
Fax +27 (0)28 - 2141427

Major Attractions

The Caledon Spa
Tel 028 - 2145263
The Victorian bathhouse and a health and fitness centre of international standard.
Tel 028 - 2121511
Caledon is situated in an important fynbos region with many rare endemic species in the district.
Tel 028 - 2121511
Staple products include wheat, barley and sheep farming. As barley is a major crop the biggest maltings plant where the barley is processed is situated in Caledon
Community Care
Tel 028 - 2121511
The community has a long tradition of choral and dance music. Local choirs and musicians perform in concerts in the historic Holy Trinity Church
Local Wines
Tel 028 - 2449733
Historic farm Compagnes Drift in Bot River is a family run farm producing a small range of quality wines.
Outdoors & Sport

Caledon Golf Club - 9 hole course
Tel 028 - 5721572
Caledon Bowling Club
Tel 028 - 2122075
Horse Trail Safaris - various scenic rides including a Special weekend trail
Tel 0828170263
The Outdoor Experience - Corporate team building exercises, 4x4, mountain biking, clay pigeon shooting, paint ball shooting, archery, abseiling and high ropes course.
Tel 028 - 2141271
History and Culture

Caledon Museum

History of Caledon The Caledon region is rich in cultural history with sites of documented habitation dating back 40 000 years and rock art in certain isolated area. The first mission stations at the Cape were established in the region and the mineral hot springs as Caledon developed into one of the first resort sites at the Cape.

During the early colonial period extensive trading took place between the Dutch and Khoi-Khoi residing in the Overberg.

During 1970 a museum was established and has developed a mission tailored to meet local needs, which includes maintaining a community archive and promoting local culture.


Caledon Wild Flower Garden and Nature Reserve
Tel 028 - 2121511
Most fynbos species as well as the famous "Window Rock" can be seen in this 214ha reserve.
Tel 0826761734
Caledon is part of the Blue Crane Bird Route in the Overberg because the area contains the largest population of blue cranes and has been declared and International Important Bird area.
4x4 Routes and Trout Fishing
Tel 028 - 2121511
Routes and trout fishing can be booked on farms in the district. During spring, tours on farms included the flowers unique to the region.