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Bahati Bushcamp & Game Farm HluhluweBed & Breakfast
Bushbaby Lodge HluhluweCamping & Caravan
Bushlands Game Lodge      HluhluweHotel / Lodge
Bushwillow      HluhluweSelf-catering
Dinizulu Cottage      HluhluweSelf-catering
Dumazulu Lodge      HluhluweHotel / Lodge
Emdoneni Lodge      HluhluweBed & Breakfast
Falaza Game Park      HLUHLUWEBed & Breakfast

False Bay Guest House      HluhluweGuest House
Gazebo Safari Lodge      HluhluweHotel / Lodge
Hluhluwe Guest House      HluhluweGuest House
Hluhluwe Hotel & Safaris HluhluweHotel / Lodge
Horn & Thorn HluhluweBed & Breakfast
Intibane Game Lodge HluhluweBed & Breakfast
Iqina Game Lodge HluhluweHotel / Lodge
Isinkwe Backpackers Lodge HluhluweBed & Breakfast
Leopard Mountain Game Lodge      HluhluweHotel / Lodge
Malagas Hotel      HluhluweHotel / Lodge
Malala Lodge & Safaris      HluhluweHotel / Lodge
Mazuri Lodge HluhluweBed & Breakfast
Pumalanga Nature Reserve HluhluweHotel / Lodge
Thanda Private Game Reserve HluhluweBed & Breakfast
Zuka Private Game Reserve HluhluweBed & Breakfast
Zulu Nyala Game Lodge & Heritage Safari HluhluweBed & Breakfast
Zululand Tree Lodge HluhluweHotel / Lodge


Alternating with Mtubatuba as host of the annual Game Auction every June, the town is visitor-friendly and convenient for exploring the nearby game reserves, as well as the northern resorts of Lake St Lucia and the Maputaland coastline further afield.

The greater St Lucia Wetland Park was awarded World Heritage Status at a meeting of the IUCN in Morocco on the 15th of December 1999. What does this mean? In a nutshell it means that the Park has been recognised by the World community for its unique ecological processes; superlative natural phenomena and scenic beauty; and exceptionally rich biodiversity and large number of threatened and endangered species. Our commitment at Hluhluwe River Lodge is to protect and conserve this area; to help uplift the communities that surround it and above all to ensure that our guests have the best possible experience of this magnificent conservation area that is now recognised by the world as having global importance.

Lake St Lucia is Africa's biggest estuarine system with a total water surface of 350 square kilometers. The Lake is fed by four major river systems that supply the lake with large volumes of fresh water particularly during the summer months. Salt water is fed into the lake at St Lucia village where the lake meets the sea some 70 kilometres from the northern extreme of the lake. The lake is bound on its eastern shore by magnificent beaches, coastal dune forests and game rich grasslands that taper down to the lakeshore. Accross a massive expanse of water lies the western shore and False Bay with its magnificent sand forests and fossil deposits.

There are islands on the lake which are highly protected bird sanctuaries and extensive wetland areas that occur along most of the shoreline and river courses that enter the lake. These wetlands provide a haven for thousands of waterfowl, hippopotamus and Nile crocodile. Hluhluwe River Lodge operate boat and canoe trips from the Hluhluwe River into the lake where the various bird species, wildlife and beautiful waterscapes can be best appreciated.

Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park offers excellent game viewing and a chance to see the "Big Five" from our open landrovers whilst the False Bay sandforest is the home to one of Africa's smallest antelope the Suni and its shy relatives the red and grey duiker.

Nyala, impala, reedbuck, kudu, Zebra, waterbuck, vervet monkeys, black backed jackal, aardvark and bushpig all occur in the area. The area is also home to purple crested lourie, narina trogon, green coucal, pink throated longclaw and african broadbill to mention but a few of the 318 bush and water birds that occur here. Hippo and Nile crocodile are found in the lake whilst otter and water mongoose although rarely seen scour the shoreline for food at night.

Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park is one of South Africa's oldest game parks. Proclaimed in 1895 this game reserve is synonymous with Rhino conservation and enjoys international acclaim for its conservation efforts. It is also the home of the Rhino capture unit which was instrumental in saving the White rhino from extinction by way of its successful anti poaching and relocation program.

The wide range of plant life in the park gives rise to a diversity of mammals, birdlife reptiles and amphibians . The Big Five, lion,rhino (black & white ) elephant, buffalo and leopard - are all to be seen in the park as well as species including cheetah, wild dog and girraffe. It is also the best place in Africa to see Nyala including the rare and elusive Suni 'Neotragus moschatus'. This dwarf antelope is only 35 cm at shoulder height and weighs a maximum of 5.5 Kg.

Hluhluwe River Lodge is bordered by False Bay Park which stretches for 22 kilometres along the western shore of Lake St Lucia. This 4000 hectare game reserve was proclaimed in 1944 to conserve its diversity of plant life and tremendous variety of insects and birds and rare game species. False Bay Park is renowned for its diversity of butterfly species, some 111 species occur here in the summer months. The park has a huge list of birds for such a small area many of which are not easily found in South Africa.

One of the rarer South African trees the Lebombo Wattle abound in the false Bay sand forests which also comprise of some very unusual and interesting vegetation types. Consisting of dry semi deciduous to deciduous forest Sand Forest is characterised by rare and endemic trees which grow in sterile sandy soils.

The name sand forest is derived from the fact that these endangered forests of the region grow on an ancient dune ridge resulting from an ancient coastline formed in the cretaceous era about 140 million years ago. Hluhluwe River Lodge guides will reveal to you the secrets of these diverse forests and explain the fascinating interrelationship between plants and animals that have created these unique forests

Zulu Culture
Zululand is synonomous with its rich cultural wealth amongst its indigenous population the Zulu people. The Zulus originated from a variety of nomadic bantustan tribes who were galvanised into an immense army of skilled and disciplined warriors by the famous Zulu chieftan Chaka who during his reign as King of the Zulu conquered and pacified a territory larger than Europe. Whilst this military heritage is still held with great pride amongst the Zulu they are once more a peaceful people who have preserved their rich cultural identity that is still a very important part of the Zulu's modern day lifestyle.

The best way to experience this fascinating culture is to visit a cultural village where in a relitavely short space of time one can take a guided walk through a traditional homestead and gain an insight into the many aspects of this fascinating and colourful african tribe. One can expect to see Zulu dancing, bead and basket craft, visit a traditional healer and see traditional architecture and kraal design. For those with a strong constitution may like to partake in some home brewed sorghum beer and even enjoy some African barbecue cuisine after your tour. There is a cultural village near Hluhluwe River Lodge and visits can be arranged on arrival.

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