Holiday Accommodation in Kakamas

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Nearest Town


Belvedere Guest House      KakamasBed & Breakfast
Camel Thorn River Camp KakamasCamping & Caravan
Ebenaeser Guest House      KakamasGuest House
Kalahari Gateway Hotel      KakamasHotel / Lodge
Reimvasmaak Ecotourism KakamasSelf-catering
Vergelegen Guest House And Restaurant KakamasGuest House

Tourism information: Waterwiel Lodge 19 Voortrekker Rd, Kakamas 8870 Tel: (054) 431 0838 Fax: (054) 431 0836.

Activities and Attractions

Egyptian-styled Hydroelectric Power Stations
German War Graves The graves of German soldiers killed in a 1915 clash with South African troops lie at the foot of a low hill.
Irrigation Tunnels Built by Cornish miners, they can be seen outside Kakamas.
Operating Waterwheels Eleven waterwheels are still used on the canals running through the vineyards, lucerne and cotton fields.
Riemvasmaak Hot Springs 56km north-west of Kakamas, situated in a deep ravine surrounded by hills dotted with wild fig and quiver trees. Accommodation is available and hiking and 4x4 trails have been laid out. Tel: (054) 431 0954.
Rockery Route Following the gravel road from Neilersdrift to Kakamas via the Nues Wier, you will be stunned by differing landscapes. At times, the world is transformed into a series of rocky outcrops with twisted quiver and camelthorn trees – at others, the lush vineyards on the river’s many islands cover the landscape in grass-green splendor.
Wine Tasting and Tours Offered at the Orange River Wine Cellars Co-operative.
Tel: (054) 431 083.