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When the British government annexed Zululand in 1887 and established several magisterial districts, it was decided to administer that of Mthonjaneni from a town named after the resident commissioner - Sir Melmoth Osborn.

Situated in a lush green mist belt 800m above sea-level, Melmoth is a long established trading and agricultural centre, with an emphasis on timber. The area embraces one of the largest conservancies in KwaZulu-Natal, plus a major bird sanctuary of the Zululand Birding Route.

Monuments and Memorials
Biyela Monument:
The Biyela Memorial was put up at the request of the Biyela clan to show their area of origin. It is beyond the Katazo store on the road from Melmoth to Babanango, not far from Dingane's spring. Katazo located on the southern road from Mtonjaneni to Babanango.

Other Cultural attractions
Kwa Magwaza Mission Station:
The late Reverend Robert Robertson established the station, 'the place of tall trees', in 1860. Bishop Wilkinson later operated from there. During the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 the station was destroyed, but soon re-established before being destroyed once more in 1884 during the civil disturbances in Zululand. Education facilities and hospitals were developed later. 8 kms south-west of Melmoth, Zululand.

Mthonjaneni Site:
This hill overlooks the Ulundi plain. Dingaans drinking water was brought from it and the Voortrekker laager was situated on it prior to the incident at the Opathe gorge. The British laagered here during the closing stages of the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. Highlands north of Melmoth.

An authenitic Zulu Cultural Village showing daily lifestyles. 10 kms east of Melmoth.Tel: (035) 450-2534