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À La Fugue Guest House UpingtonGuest House
A Riviera B&b UpingtonBed & Breakfast
A Riviera Garden B&B UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Affinity UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Africa River Lodge UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Angel's Share Guesthouse UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Avond Rust UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Belurana Guest House      UpingtonGuest House
Chateau Guest House UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Classic Court UpingtonBed & Breakfast
De Bult B&b UpingtonBed & Breakfast
De Werf Guest House And Chalets UpingtonSelf-catering
Faces Guesthouse UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Fleur-anita Gastehuis UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Greenfield Gardens UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Habitat Guest Village UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Idemvelle Guesthouse UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Island View House UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Klipkolk Lodge UpingtonHotel / Lodge
La Bohème Guesthouse UpingtonGuest House
Le Must River Collection UpingtonSelf-catering
Libby's Lodge UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Marilana Guesthouse UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Mazunka Waters B&B UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Nirvana Guesthouse      UpingtonGuest House
Protea Hotel Upington UpingtonHotel / Lodge
River City Inn UpingtonHotel / Lodge
River Lodge UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Riverside Guest House UpingtonBed & Breakfast
Sunriver Kalahari Lodge UpingtonBed & Breakfast
The Waterfront Guest Farm UpingtonBed & Breakfast
On the Kalahari-Namaqua-Namibia (Namakwari) route to and from Johannesburg and Cape Town, it is a convenient stopover for those travelling to the Augrabies Falls National Park, the Fish River Canyon, the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park and Namaqualand.
Tourist information: Kalahari Oranje Museum Complex Schroeder Str, PO Box 2856, Upington 8800. Tel: (054) 332 6064 Fax: (054) 332 6064.

Activities and Attractions

Camel and Rider Statue In front of the police station, the statue honours the "mounties" who, on camels, patrolled the harsh desert territory.
Date Palm Avenue The attractive entrance to Die Eiland Holiday Resort was declared a national monument in 1982. The palms were planted in 1935 by officials of the Department of Lands. The avenue of more than 200 date palms planted 9m apart is 1 041m long, making it one of the longest and densest palm avenues in the southern hemisphere.
Dutch Reformed Church Schröder Str. Completed in 1911.
Hortentia Windmill Built by the Reverend Christian Schröder in 1879, it can be seen from the bridge on the Groblershoop road.
Hunting Altemit Tel: (054) 332 1336; Miershooppan Tel: (057) 733 0322; Sonderpan Tel: (054) 491 1133; Spitskop Tel: (054) 332 1336.
Kalahari 4x4 trail This tough 250km trail is the only one in the sandy regions of South Africa and can be done in two or three days. A thatch and reed hut complete with flush toilet, running water and bar, sleeps eight people. Bookings at (054) 331 2189.
Kalahari Oranje Museum Built in 1875 as a church and mission station, it houses domestic items reflecting the history of Upington and the lower Orange River. The monument of the donkey, sculpted in bronze, symbolises the unselfish contribution made by the beast of burden in developing the Lower Orange River Valley during the pioneering days.
Kanoneiland Twenty-five kilometres south-west of Upington. Irrigation schemes typical of those used on the Lower Orange can be seen. Sultanas and grapes, lucerne, cotton, and deciduous orchards are cultivated.
Loch Maree Twenty-four kilometres in circumference, the largest unworked saltpan in the world is 300km from Upington, on the far side of Noenieput.
Mier Area A pristine southern Kalahari wilderness area with dunes averaging 35m in height – breathtaking scenery you’ll never forget.
Orange River Wine Cellars A short drive from the town centre into the industrial area takes you to the five-cellar co-operative – the largest in the country and the second largest in the world! Wine tasting and tours offered. Tel (054) 332 4651.
Kalahari Kuierfees Tel: (054) 332 1100 Test yourself in the SAD-triathlon before shopping ‘till dropping at flea markets offering everything from the delectable to the divine. Kalahari Kuierfees is loads of fun with first-class entertainment.
Roman Catholic Church Le Roux Str. Built in 1861 and renovated in 1947, national monument since 1982.

Scotty Smith George St Leger Gordon Lennox, legendary rogue and Robin Hood of the Northern Cape, died in Upington during the 1918 flu epidemic and is buried in the local cemetery.
Semiprecious Stones You can view the rainbow-coloured stones fashioned by the ancient earth at the Museum Office and in the foyer of the Oranje Hotel. Stones include beryl, amethyst, agate, tourmaline, aquamarine, jasper, rose quartz and tiger’s eye.

South African Dried Fruit Co-operative On the Louisville road, the co-operative is the second largest and most modern of its kind in the world. More than 8 000ha of sultanas and
1 000ha of hanepoot grapes are cultivated on the Lower Orange River. Freshly packed, dried fruit is sold on the premises. Tel: (054) 337 2300.

Spitskop Nature Reserve A small game park about 13km north of Upington, stocked with gemsbok, zebra, springbok, ostrich, eland, hartebeest and mountain zebra. Tel: (054) 332 1336.
Sport Watersport is particularly popular, including boating, canoeing [Tel: (054) 451 0177], fishing, water-skiing and swimming. There are three swimming pools, bowling greens and a 18-hole golf course. Facilities are open to all visitors.