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Coffee Shack Backpackers - accommodation in Coffee Bay Eastern Cape

General Description

Coffee Shack is a backpackers tropical paradise situated right on the beach on the bomvu river mouth. We have a reputation for being a fun hostel with one of the nicest locations in SA. Coffee bay can be found in the transkei, 200km north of East london along the N2, 80km down the coastal road. The transkei is one of the best places in SA to experience traditional African culture.
The Coffee Shack offers dorms, doubles, camping and self-catering accommodation. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner at very reasonable prices and have a fully licensed bar that bounces in the evenings. Coffee Shack is located on the beach and we have a variety of daytrips into the Transkei, including hiking, abseiling, canoeing, cultural excursions and surf trips. 

Attractions / Things to do

Hole in the Wall Coastal Hike
A scenic hike from Coffee Shack along the magnificent coastline, passing baby Hole & Hlunguwane waterfall. Hole in the wall is a spectacular natural feature carved out of a huge mass of rock by millions of years of pounding waves. Simply Enjoy the beach and your tasty toasties for lunch before having a dip in one of the world's most beautiful lagoons. If conditions are right, the brave can attempt an adrenalin-pumping, wave-assisted jump into the Hole. The trip ends with a bone-rattling 4x4 ride back to the Shack.

Surfing on the Wild Cast
There are many surf spots up and down the Wild Coast. Coffee Bay has nice point and beach breaks. Coffee Shack offers free surfing lessons courtesy. We also run day trips to Umdumbi, an amazing beach with a good point break for accomplished surfers, which is worth going to just for the drive. Once we get there you can relax on the beach, join Dave for lessons or get involved in some serious beach volleyball or football with the local kids. Lunch is provided and we take a well- stocked cooler bag along.

A relaxing paddle in 2-man canoes down the scenic Umtata River. We take lunch and a cooler-box of drinks to enjoy on the banks as we break our journey through the valley. The trip continues through beautifully secluded areas, winding through pristine mangrove swamps before eventually reaching the ocean. Water monitor lizards, turtles, yellow-billed ducks, goliath herons, kingfishers, fish eagles and jumping (!) mullet are a few of the surprises along the way.

We organise sundowners every evening, (weather permitting). Join us as we pack a cooler -bag of drinks and perhaps some oysters, then head off to one of many spectacular clifftop locations. Occasionally we take a sunset booze cruise on the Mthatha River. Local kids' choirs often put in an appearance on the cliff tops for a truly exotic end to another lovely day.

Easi Falls
Undoubtedly one of the most memorable hikes you can do. This waterfall is hidden in the hills 1 hour's drive north of Coffee Bay. The locals believe that the falls are responsible for luring and swallowing children. After walking 2 / hours through the hills and valleys you have to swim up the river and scramble up the rocks to finally reach the falls. After lunch and a swim, you trek back to the shack. This is real commando stuff - only for the brave.

Mapuzi Caves & Cliffs
A spectacular day spent picking your way down goat paths where the cliffs meet the ocean. Venture through caves & hidden pathways, and find cave pools, shells to collect and mind- blowing cliff jumps (optional). Spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach with lunch and a cooler box, before doing a final river jump and heading back to Coffee Shack.

Join us as we abseil down a 45m cliff drop virtually into the ocean. The spectacular site is alongside baby hole & hlungunwane waterfall, giving great opportunities for scenic shots. For more thrills, try a cliff jump into the baby hole. Toasted sandwiches done on an open fire are served to survivors.

The Sacred Pool
This walk takes you up the Bomvu river through indigenous forest to the sacred pool. The Tshezi tribe (a sub tribe of the xhosa people) believe that the spirits of all ritually sacrificed cattle join an ancestral herd. This herd drinks in the evening from a pool on the Bomvu river. Even in times of the worst drought, the pool has water in it. The locals believe that the reason is that their ancestors have blessed it.

Cultural Tours
Our community The Xhosa people live in the traditional way, with an ancient tribal system still intact. The transkei is the only place in south Africa where a tribal system of authority is in place. The people live in thatched mud-brick huts peppered across the hills, without running water or electricity, and subsist through growing mainly maize. Our Cultural tours are the best way to really see how the Xhosa people live. Our local guide takes you to his village in the hills, where you can experience the day to day living of his people. You visit a herb doctor, witch doctor (sangoma) and may get the chance to talk with an abakwetha.  

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